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At Just Boilers Brighton, we strive to deliver a service above the the rest.


Choosing a new boiler is sometimes a daunting task. To help guide you through this your installer will happily explain to you all of the available options after the initial system assessment.


We have chosen not to affiliate ourselves with any of the large boiler companies as we want you to choose the boiler that is right for you, to be able to give you a truly non biased opinion and to best suit your needs we feel this is the way forward.

Your installer will supply you with a range of boilers to suit your specific needs sourced from different, quality manufacturers and will happily offer a recommendation if you so desire.


Our engineers- We are extremely thorough in our selection process, our engineers are all highly skilled, proud craftsmen who take a lot of care in their work and pay attention to detail.

We always leave a site clean and tidy and offer comprehensive after care to ensure your satisfaction. 


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